Poetry Analysis: AQA Love and Relationships

Poetry is one of those subjects that students either love or hate to begin with. Anthologies such as AQA's Love and Relationships do tend towards the saccharine, although there is definite humour in there too! As an English tutor, I find that poetry is one of the most useful ways to experiment and improve pupil's [...]

English as a Foreign Language: Phrasal Verbs

This week I have been looking at one of the trickiest vocabulary topics in my Adult English classes – phrasal verbs. These are incredibly common in modern English, and aren’t really something that learners can memorise by heart. What you can do however is look out for them whenever you read, whether this is fiction, [...]

Key terminology for GCSE English analysis

At this point of the year, many students' minds are turning towards October half term (hooray), and then onto the upcoming mock exams. These will often be the first GCSE-style tests many pupils have to face, with a few nerves playing an inevitable part. One of the most challenging aspects is the sometimes baffling array [...]

Yoga for children and teenagers

A selection of fantastic studios across South West London offering yoga classes for young adults.

How to start preparing for your GCSEs

It's never too early for getting started when it comes to exam preparation. But don't worry, help is at hand with these 5 top tips...